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Adding your pieces of news


Every registered user can upload their own news. They will be put in common and can be handled together


Adding a piece of news has never been so easy, just add the link, a related image and additional info.


Image autocompletion! An image will be automatically suggested for your piece of news. Choose that one or change it for another one of your preference

Administrating your newsletter


Access and visualize all the news uploaded by every user at a glance.


You can check, modify or delete any of them, at any moment to generate the perfect combination for your bulletin

Generating bulletin periodically


Whenever you want, generate a bulletin with the latests news and share it with your readers


HTML template that can be read from desktop, tablet or mobile. Suitable for all devices

RSS Feed

An rss feed is also automatically generated, so people can subscribe to your feed to keep updated with your news.